Who We Are

Our Mission

The Republican Party of Saint Joseph County is an inclusive organization that embraces the constitutional principles of individual liberty, free-market capitalism and limited, efficient government. The organization’s primary purpose is to elect Republican candidates at every level of government by educating voters and engaging them in the political process.

Our Vision

The Republican Party of Saint Joseph County commits to the principles of individual liberty and freedom as stated in the constitutions of the United States and the State of Indiana.

Members expect our government to be efficient and limited in carrying out its primary function of administering justice and to protect the rights and liberty of every citizen.

As the “Party of Possibilities”, this organization strives to become the party of choice for citizens and candidates in the Saint Joseph County area.

Members will support and grow the Republican Party by engaging as many people as possible in the electoral process.

Our Values

Individual Freedom and Liberty: This nation was built upon a foundation of freedom and liberty. We are called to be ethical, responsible people who are educated and engaged in the business of our government.

Peace through Strength: The government’s primary responsibility is to protect the freedom and security of all its citizens.

Nation of Laws: The government is responsible for applying justice equally under the Rule of Law. Laws should be necessary, stable, understandable and enforceable. No one is above the law.

Free Market Economy: The path to a strong economy is through a free enterprise economic system combined with equal opportunity, innovation and initiative without the burden of excessive regulation. We believe that for the people to prosper they need the freedom to try, to buy, to sell, to fail and try again. We reject crony capitalism and arbitrary government intervention into business.

Limited Government Powers: Government should be limited, efficient and provide full accountability for the policies and practices implemented. Each appropriate function should be performed by that government closest to the people. Strong, local self-government is a means to preserve our freedom and our voice.

Fiscal and Monetary Policies: Government at every level must employ sound fiscal and monetary policies. Accruing excessive debt is irresponsible, places unnecessary burdens upon future generations and puts our liberty at risk. A balanced budget should be expected from our local, state and national governments.

The Environment: Good stewardship of our natural resources requires common sense policies, balancing the need for economic growth with the protection of our natural environment.

Ethical Standards: All who serve in government must adhere to strict ethical standards, free of corruption and not subject to undue influence from any special interests.

Educated Electorate: Education is best provided and controlled at the local level with families having the freedom and responsibility to choose their best options. Well-informed citizens are required for the nation to continue as a republic with individual freedom and effective government.

Family and Community: The family is the core unit of our nation and its integrity must be protected. Strong families and safe, solid communities are the foundation of a great nation.

Current Indiana Republican Party Platform

County Officials

Tyler Gillean
Trisha Carrico
Vice Chair
Sharyl Dawes
Patrick Lindenmeyer